Czech Social Science Data Archive


We acquire, store and make available social science research data for a long time.
We provide knowledge on how to search for data and how to work with them, as well as support the reuse of data in research and teaching.

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19. January 2024

New archiving system Dataverse

We have migrated to the new, modern archiving system - Dataverse . You can already find the data in the new system.

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08. June 2023

CESSDA Recognised for its contributions to Open Science best practices

CESSDAhas been recognised in the new Horizon Europe Programme Guide and the Open Research Europe publishing platform for its contribution to Open Science practices. These recognitions highlight the importance of trusted repositories in Open Science practices, particularly in preserving and making...

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21. April 2023

CESSDA Resource Directory - an information tool for data archive professionals

Have you ever felt lost in the world of data archives and repositories? Maybe you want to apply for the Core Trust Seal certification but have no idea what it takes. Or you are looking for inspiration on how to improve your services or start a new service. You might also just want to update your...

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CSDA is part of the international research infrastructure CESSDA, which creates a common system of European data services in the field of the social sciences. core trust seal logo 1





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