CESSDA Resource Directory - an information tool for data archive professionals

Have you ever felt lost in the world of data archives and repositories? Maybe you want to apply for the Core Trust Seal certification but have no idea what it takes. Or you are looking for inspiration on how to improve your services or start a new service. You might also just want to update your policies and are looking for examples from sister institutions.


There's a tool that can aid you in situations like this and more!

The CESSDA Resource Directory (RD) is a structured and documented collection of information on available documents, tools, and support services for data archive professionals.

Unlike search engines, the RD provides relevant and reliable resources that are directly related to social science research data archiving. Based on the expertise of CESSDA data archives, the RD offers specific resources designated for data archives and staff.

The RD is publicly accessible via Zotero. To find a resource within a certain field or topic, you can select a specific category or subcategory or use the tag feature. You can also use the search function, but note that Zotero will only search within the Title, Creator (i.e., author), or Date fields, and not other metadata.