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Do you want to register for a ČSDA user account or just log in to an existing one?

It is possible to register at this link. By registering, you agree to the general terms and conditions, such as the use of data only for non-commercial purposes and citation of the source of any data used.

Based on the information given at registration, an account is created for you, which you can log in to either here or via the homepage at the bottom right (column "Account management"). You log in to this user account with the login created during registration (your email address with "-" instead of "@") and the password that you entered during registration.

At the same time, due to increased security measures, a special Nesstar login and password is generated for you, which is valid only in the Nesstar data catalogue.

If you have any problems logging in, either to the archive account or to Nesstar, our glossary, which contains the section "Registration, login, and operation of the archive", may be useful to you. If you still can't find the answer there, don't hesitate to contact us, preferably by email.

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