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The aim of ČSDA's user communication strategy is to promote secondary social data analysis in general. Beside others this strategy includes providing on-line information, publishing teaching materials and manuals concerning data resources, data management and methods of data analyses. ČSDA also participates in teaching programs at major Czech universities by providing courses and lectures in data management, data resources, data quality and survey methods, and statistical data analysis.

Data Management Expert Guide


DMEG is the tutorial that contains essential information for researchers and other professionals who want to manage and archive their data. DMEG comprises several chapters that comprehensibly explain the essential know-how related to social research data and metadata archiving. It describes the data life cycle from planning, organising, documenting, processing, storing and protecting research data to sharing and publishing them. It is by all means a valuable guide for everyone who seek help with the data management.

DMEG is available at the CESSDA Training website  and can be browsed online. It is also possible to download the full DMEG for studying offline. PDFs for every single chapter are available for being printed as handouts for training.

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