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Here, you will find more detailed information to better orient you in the functioning of our archive from the beginning (viewing data) to the end (downloading data).

What is Dataverse?

Dataverse is a web-based data publishing software. Users can search and download data to their computer through Dataverse. In addition to the data itself, it contains metadata, i.e. data description and information about the data, and associated documentation (technical information, questionnaires, cards, etc.). Dataverse is used by some CESSDA-affiliated archives and other institutions around the world. Dataverse originated at Harvard University and is gradually becoming a globally used solution for research data management.

How to work in Dataverse?

Dataverse provides services based on data directories (dataverses) that group data according to their affiliation to a specific institution or research project. After searching for research according to a number of search criteria, it is possible to download datasets for analysis. Registration is required to download datasets, even if you have registered with CSDA in the past.

Where did Nesstar go?

Our old Nesstar catalog will still be in operation for part of 2024, but its operation is no longer guaranteed by CSDA and may be discontinued at any time. New registrations will no longer be possible, but if you still wish to use Nesstar, it is possible to request a temporary username and password. If you are already registered, you can use the catalogue in the same way as you have been used to until it is switched off. When the Nesstar catalogue is switched off, all user accounts will be deleted. To work in the Dataverse catalogue, a new registration is required here.

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