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Here, you will find more detailed information to better orient you in the functioning of our archive from the beginning (viewing data) to the end (downloading data).

What is "Nesstar"?

Nesstar is a software tool for web data publishing and online analysis. Through Nesstar, users can search data, analyze data online, and download them to their computer. In addition to the data themselves, it also contains metadata, i.e. a description of the data and information about them, as well as associated documentation (technical information, questionnaires, cards, etc.). Nesstar is used by all archives associated with the CESSDA organization and some others as well.

How many users does it have and how many data files does it contain?

The total number of archive users as of 26.5. 2020 was 3236; in 2019 alone we recorded 346 new registrations. At the end of 2019, 916 data files were available in the Nesstar system (an online system for data presentation, analysis, and download) used by ČSDA (the vast majority of these were questionnaire surveys).

Are you interested in how the archive behaves from the users' point of view? At the beginning of 2020, we conducted a satisfaction survey and published both data and a research report in accordance with our principles.

How to work in Nesstar

If you already have a good idea of ​​what our data catalogue can offer, you can go through the following visual material, which will better orient you in our system.

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