Selected Publications at ČSDA

Cesty k datům. Zdroje a management sociálněvědních dat v České republice
(Paths to data. Resources and management of social science data in the Czech Republic)
Jindřich Krejčí, Yana Leontiyeva (eds.)

The main aim of this book is to provide researchers on Czech society, politics and economy with two key resources: (1) a useful tool for working with data sources available for the study of Czech society and (2) a ready source of information and advice for processing their own research data. This book is divided into two parts where there is a progression in the first part from general features of data archiving and methods for searching data repositories toward consideration in part two of data resources in a range of social science domains primarily associated with the disciplines of sociology and political science; and to a lesser degree sister disciplines such as economics, social psychology and anthropology.

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Kvalita sociálněvědních výběrových šetření v České republice
(The quality of social science surveys in the Czech Republic)

Jindřich Krejčí
The book has following major objectives: (1) to provide an overview of the criteria of quality considered desirable in sample surveys; (2) to evaluate the survey climate in the Czech Republic; and (3) to perform an in-depth analysis of two key topics: the nonresponse problem in sample surveys in the Czech Republic, and the quality of election polls in the Czech case.

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Postoje k imigrantům
(Attitudes to immigrants)

Yana Leontiyeva, Martin Vávra (eds.)
This study examines attitudes towards migrants. The authors focus on the attitudes in Czech society, but they also use data from international surveys in order to situate the attitudes of respondents from the Czech Republic in a wider context. 

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Theory, Data and Analysis. Data Resources for the Study of Politics in the Czech republic
Pat Lyons
This book deals with empirical research using political survey data and is primarily intended for anyone exploring politics in the Czech Republic using quantitative data. Many of the themes addressed in this study have application to the use of quantitative political data in other national contexts and across the social sciences more generally. This book is divided into three parts: theory, data and analysis. In the first part there is an examination of the theories underpinning the most important source of political data: survey research. Here there is an overview of the role of political attitudes and public opinion within political theory from Plato to Habermas. In addition there is an overview of the nature of political attitudes and recent insights from neurocognitive research. Part two maps out the main sources of political survey data available in the Czech Republic; and also deals with elite, expert survey and Comparative Manifesto Project data. The third part deals with the analysis of these datasets with a specific emphasis on the Czech Republic. This study argues that political data do not speak for themselves and require interpretation: and hence the need to integrate the theory, data and analysis components of research.

The full text of the book is available to download here.

Kvalita výzkumu volebních preferencí
(The quality of the election surveys)

Jindřich Krejčí (ed.)
Collection of scientific based studies provides an overview of Czech election survey research and comments the issues relating to the quality and the use of results, e.g. importance for representative democracy, impact of the publication of results, relationship between research industry and journalism, conceptualisation of party identification, main approaches to evaluation of quality, construction of the questionnaires, etc. The book includes also a chapter devoted to research in Slovakia.

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