Other Data Resources

Data Archives in the consortium CESSDA: 

  • Denmark - DDA
  • Finland - FSD
  • France - Réseau Quetelet
  • Lithuania  - LiDA
  • Germany - GESIS
  • Netherlands - DANS
  • Norway - NSD
  • Austria (the data provider in Austria is now being changed)
  • Slovakia- SASD (observer status)
  • Slovenia - ADP
  • United Kingdom - UKDA
  • Sweden - SND
  • Switzerland - FORS

Other European social science data archives:

Eurostat - European statistical system 

  • Provides on-line access to aggregated data, interactive tables and graphs.   

Microdata in the Eurostat - two types of data:

  1. complete datasets in a classified regime, access through "safe centres",
  2. derivate anonymised data; distributed in an electronic form after registration.
European statistical system surveys
  • European Community Household Panel (ECHP)
  • Labour Force Survey (LFS)
  • EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC)
  • Structure of Earning Survey (SES)
  • Community Innovation Survey (CIS)
  • Adult Education Survey (AES)
  • Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS)
  • Farm Structure Survey (FSS)

Statistical service of OECD

Some other international organisations: 

Open Data Initiatives

Some other data organisations: