Obligatory Rules for Data Access to Datasets of ČSDA and Information about their Use

The Czech Social Science Data Archive (thereinafter only ČSDA) collects datasets from social surveys and makes them accessible to professional public for purposes of secondary analysis in noncommercial research and teaching. ČSDA accepts data on the basis of a contract of disposition between the depositor (a person or an organization having the right to dispose of the dataset) and the ČSDA. This contract limits the use of data provided by the ČSDA to third parties only for purposes of teaching and noncommercial research. Special conditions governing the use of a data can be arranged for every dataset.

ČSDA is not the owner of provided datasets and is not responsible in any manner for the validity and reliability of data.

ČSDA provides the users of data services with following types of data sets:

 O – datasets accessible online, via internet
 A – datasets accesible in case of compliance of standard conditions (the recipient of  the data binds himself/herself to keep standard conditions)
 B – datasets accessible in case of compliance of standard and specific conditions determined by the data depositor
 C – datasets whose provision requires a written agreement of the depositor

Special conditions and rules apply for qualitative data stored in the ČSDA MEDARD catalogue.

By making a contract of providing data, the user binds himself/herself to keep the following conditions:

  1. Data can be used only for purposes of noncommercial research or noncommercial teaching.
  2. Data sets do not contain identifiable personal information about respondents. The user is not allowed to try to find the personal information about respondents using the provided data.
  3. Any publication of information based on the data from the provided dataset requires an exact citation of the source which means the depositor of the data set and the ČSDA.
  4. The user is not allowed to further distribute the provided data nor to provide other persons with the access to them.
  5. The user is obliged to inform the ČSDA about all publications created on the basis of provided data.

The provision of datasets in electronic form is free of charge unless otherwise stated. All other forms of datasets distribution and other services can be charged according to the costs of the work required. For datasets distribution ČSDA uses an electronic register accessible via the ČSDA web site. This register can be temporarily disconnected by reason of maintenance.

Data distribution is also possible to provide in the form of electronic mail and eventually by manual delivery on a data carrier. Nevertheless this form of distribution is not preferred by ČSDA and it is provided in exceptional cases only.