Kurzy o zdrojích a managementu dat

UK Data Archive - Create & Manage

On-line introduction into data management at the Web of the UK Data Archive.

Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving (ICPSR, USA)

On-line introduction into data management issues related to preparation of data for archiving.

Digital Preservation Management Workshops and Tutorial (Cornell University, ICPSR, MIT)

Digital Preservation Management: Implementing Short-Term Strategies for Long-Term Solutions, online tutorial developed for the Digital Preservation Management workshop.

Trainning Programme at the Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

Online training materials, offer of training courses, online training sessions covering a wide range of digital data curation and data management related topics.

MANTRA - Research Data Management Training

MANTRA is an online course designed for researchers or others planning to manage digital data as part of the research process. 

CESSDA Expert Seminars

CESSDA Expert Seminars are held annually. The seminars concentrate on practical information and on various aspects of data archiving.

GESIS Research Methods Training Events (Cologne, Germany)

GESIS offers Summer School in Survey Methodology, Spring Semminars in advanced methods of data analyses and a wide range of training courses in social research methods including also data management. In addition, GESIS organizes conferences on issues relating to the Social and Information Sciences. These especially include user conferences focussing on specific data sources and allowing an exchange of experiences and ideas amongst Social Science researchers using those data.