International Cooperation

ČSDA is a member of international data infrastructure CESSDA

ČSDA is the Czech node of the pan-European distributed ESFRI research infrastructure CESSDA. CESSDA’s mission is "to improve social science research across the European Research Area (ERA) by providing, on a not for profit basis, a comprehensive and integrated social science data research infrastructure which will facilitate and support research, teaching and learning of the highest quality throughout the social sciences."


Since its establishment in 1976, CESSDA has served as an informal umbrella organisation for the European national data archives. Now, CESSDA is established as a permanent legal entity owned and financed by the individual member states’ ministry of research or a delegated institution. 

As of to-day 14 European countries are member of the new CESSDA: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia,  Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

CESSDA service providers in 2014 are:

  • Czech Republic  - ČSDA
  • Denmark - DDA
  • Finland - FSD
  • France - Réseau Quetelet
  • Lithuania  - LiDA
  • Germany - GESIS
  • Netherlands - DANS
  • Norway - NSD
  • Austria (the data provider in Austria is now being changed)
  • Slovakia - SASD (observer status)
  • Slovenia - ADP
  • United Kingdom- UKDA
  • Sweden - SND
  • Switzerland - FORS

ČSDA is a member of the International Federation of Data Organizations - IFDO
Since 1970's the International Federation of Data Organizations (IFDO) provides a platform for cooperation and coordination to activities of social science data organisations across the world. IFDO is an associated member of UNESCO International social science council.

ČSDA provides expert and organisational backgrounds for czech participation in the International social survey programme ISSP
The institute of Sociology ASCR participates in the programme since 1991, ČSDA ensures continuity of czech participation in the programme, i.e. interest in negotations, involvement in working groups, share in preparation of survey modules etc.


REGIO (REGional Infrastructure Organization) is an informal association of data organizations from Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Within the Central European region, it coordinates common activities for access to and exchange of data and comparative research.

EDAN (East European Data Archive Network) is an initiative for collaboration in social science data archiving. It supports the establishment of new and development of existing activities in Central and Eastern Europe. The initiative cooperates closely with the CESSDA.