Finding Data at the ČSDA

ČSDA's data are stored in the data catalogue based on the Nesstar system. Instruction how to use the catalogue can be found directly at the catalogue’s website. Bellow see instructions to help you obtain data from the ČSDA.




Modes for using the ČSDA data:

  • Free access without registration: In the data catalogue, you can view the metadata (descriptive information) of each dataset deposited and you can display frequencies of individual variables. No statistical operations can be conducted and no datasets can be downloaded.
  • Acces with a registration: Fill out the registration form here (state your name, e-mail address and name of the institution for which you intend to process the data, choose your username and password); by filling out the form you agree to the terms and conditions of data processing. After this registration, statistical operations with the data in the Nesstar catalogue can be conducted. The system prepares tables, figures and simple data analysis directly in the online environment. Control buttons are located above the right-hand window. The required calculation will proceed after variables have been specified (e.g., by clicking the left mouse button).

After registration you can:

  • Analyze data: Datasets are available to all registered users; after registration in the Nesstar system you can immediately begin analyzing in the Nesstar environment; after we receive the forms you can download datasets.
  • Download datasets: In the Nesstar catalogue click on the title of the desired dataset, then click on the floppy disk icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, choose data format and click on the “Download” button. After verifying your username and password the system will copy the dataset to the location in your computer you have specified. 

Dataset search:

  • Search in the Nesstar catalogue for the dataset relevant to your research question; data documentation can help you to determine whether the dataset corresponds to your requirements. Detailed instructions for dataset search are found in the Help section of the catalogue’s website.
  • If you are looking for data not available in the catalogue, ask for more information directly at
  • Note: A transfer of some datasets to a client may require the depositor’s consent. In this case the modification of user's rights will not proceed immediately but only after we obtain the depositor’s consent. Clients will be acknowledged about such a circumstance.

Personal Data Protection

The Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is registered with the Czech Office for Personal Data Protection and its research activities are governed by Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on personal data protection. In line with the Act the ČSDA only deposits and disseminates data of non-personal character. 

Data from sample interview surveys serves for statistical processing and a calculation of aggregated information thus any information identifying individuals is irrelevant for this purpose and excluded from the datasets. Full anonymity is a condition for a dataset to be deposited in the ČSDA.

The MEDARD online counselling service provides links to sources of information about personal data protection in qualitative research and social research in general.