Data Deposition

ČSDA actively seeks publicly accessible social science survey data about Czech society suitable for archiving and secondary data analysis. ČSDA also appreciates offers from individual researchers and holders of electronically processable data from social science research who want to make the data publicly accessible and to ensure their long term storage. By archiving these data we enhance research and education of social sciences in the Czech Republic.

The deposition of the data is an easy and fast process completed with a depositor's subscription of the Agreement about deposition document attached at the bottom of this page. In case you are willing to offer us a deposition of your research data please contact us at this email address:

A  process of delivery and publication of the data in the ČSDA or the data itself must not violate any of the legal norms valid in the Czech republic (e.g. Act on Copyright and Rights related to Copyright and Czech Personal Data Protection Act) or any of widely recognized ethical norms. All data have to be stored in the form appropriate to further usage outside the research team. The depositor must provide the data with the additional information requested in the Form for depositors document attached at the bottom of this page. ČSDA stores datasets for the purpose of their archiving, ensures the protection of data against the damage and provides the data for secondary users according to agreed conditions. 
Archived data remain the property of the depositor. ČSDA and secondary users of datasets are required to uphold the author‘s rights.

It is possible to negotiate, on an individual basis, the conditions for making deposited files available to secondary users. On the basis of the mutual agreement with the depositor all sample surveys data and other quantitative data files stored at the ČSDA are ascribed to one of the following groups according to their availability:

O - Datasets available on-line,
A - Datasets available upon meeting the ČSDA’s standard conditions for the provision of files (data users have to sign agreement with the standard conditions for using datasets and their documentation), 
B - Datasets available upon meeting the archive’s standard conditions for the provision of files and other specific conditions, according to the terms set out by the depositor, 
C - Datasets available only with the written permission of the depositor.

There are specific conditions for distribution of the qualitative data.