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The five-day workshop is for individuals interested or actively engaged in the curation and management of research data for sharing and reuse, particularly data librarians, data archivists, and data producers and stewards with responsibilities for data management. More information is available here. 
The European project SERISS offers a course for scholars interested in quantitative, cross-cultural survey. The course "Designing questionnaires for cross-cultural surveys" focuses on practice of designing questionnaires for comparative research. The course will take place in Ljublana, Slovenia between 24th and 25th October 2016. Full description of the course is available here. 
The German research centre GESIS has made available the first version of dataset from ISSP 2014 Citizenship II. This version is provisional as it does not contain data from all ISSP countries. The final version will be available in July 2016. Data access, including download in SPSS or Stata format, is offered online via the GESIS Data Catalogue here.
Edition 2.2 of the ESS 6 data and documentation is now available from the ESS web site. The new release includes corrected post-stratification weights (PSPWGHT) and updated country data for Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Iceland, Israel, Italy and Poland.
The complete dataset of the Czech 2013´s International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) has been added into the catalogue Nesstar. 2013´s theme was a national identity, one of regular modules of the ISSP. Data are available under standrad conditions.
The scholarly journal Data and Research – SDA Info, published by the Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA), has released its latest issue. It contains two peer-reviewed articles and three short texts of an informational character. The content of the latest issue and all articles are available via the journal website.
The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) offers job opportunies in two positions - a Chief Technical Officer and a Senior Project Manager. The closing date for applications is 1st January 2016. More detailed information about the call are available here
The survey data collected shortly before the regional election in 2012 are now available via the Nesstar Online Archive. The data collection was initiated by the Czech Television and the data itself provided extra information for the television´s broadcasting. Apart usual pre-election issues the survey investigated also subjects specific to a particular country region.
German data archive GESIS made available the third version of the ISSP 2011 "Health and Health Care" dataset, includind data from 32 countries. Documentation and data can be found here and here.
The Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) wave 5 data were released on tuesday 31st March 2015. The panel data of wave 5 were collected in 2013. The survey collects information about 50+ citizens of twenty European countries including the Czech republic. Registered users can download the data here, others are invited to register to the database.