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Next CESSDA workshop is aimed at trainers and support staff looking to introduce semi-automated tools in data management training sessions/materials. It will provide a platform for discussion around best practices for introducing researchers to key principles of assessing data quality and conducting statistical disclosure control (SDC) for quantitative data.More information about the workshop and its programme is available here.
Sociologické výzkumy zaměřené na politiku Cílem webináře je ukázat, kde všude se nacházejí relevantní data, a jaké jsou možnosti a omezení jejich využití. Během webináře se budeme věnovat tomu, jaká jsou data týkajícící se politiky získávána, kde jsou uložena, jaké potíže jsou s tímto měřením spojeny a na co si dát pozor při využití dat z výzkumů o politice. Budeme se také věnovat aktuálním výzkumům.  Závěr semináře bude vyhrazen na Vaše dotazy, případně na krátké diskuzní příspěvky. Kdy: 1. června 2021, od 15.00 do 17.00 hod.  
This Friday (16th April) between 11:00-12:30, a workshop regarding Linking Social Survey and Linguistic Infrastructures through speech interviews will take place. There will be representatives from e.g. Generations and Gender Programme or European Values Study. More information can be found on this link.
The Open Science Conference 2021 is the 8th international conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science. The annual conference is dedicated to the Open Science movement and provides a unique forum for researchers, librarians, practitioners, infrastructure providers, policy makers, and other important stakeholders to discuss the latest and future developments in Open Science. 
The UK Data Service has organised a free, two-day Data Dive on 22th and 23rd October, as part of the rapid research response to the pandemic. By bringing together major social, economic and population studies in a single place, we provide an opportunity for researchers, policy and charity experts to collaborate and draw out critical questions about the impacts of the pandemic that will need to be addressed in the future. More information here.
Want to collect personal data? How to make the most of it whilst meeting requirement in data protection legislation and respecting the right of data subjects"
Following the first partial release of the 2018 ISSP data on religion the second version of tha dataset was published by GESIS. This updated dataset contains data from thirty three ISSP countries, overview information on this release can be found here. Data are available for download via the GESIS data catalogue. 
Since 9th July until 13th August, the Blalock Lecture Series of the Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research take place under the patronage of Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). Lectures are free of charge and are held online in the local time zone between 1:30 and 4 in the morning, however, videos are uploaded to ICPSR youtube channel.
The European Social Survey (ESS ERIC) organizes an introductory meeting from the new policy webinar series.A webinar on Assessing European Social Survey data in the context of COVID-19 will take place on 15 June 2020 at 12.00 GMT. Participation in the webinar is free, after registration on the City University of London website. The event is held in English.
An updated Expert Tour Guide on Data Management training module is available for download in the Zenodo repository. Members of our data archive also participated in the preparation of the content. Content of the training module is intended for academic researchers as well as students and experts from the private sector.