CESSDA Workshop: Exploring Data in Europe - with a Focus on European Attitudes and Values.


Tuesday 29 May, 10am-3.45pm

Venue: Academic Conference Centre, Husova 4a, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Information on accommodation and travel to Prague can be found here

Registration is closed as capacity of workshop is full now. If you want to be included in the waiting list, please send email to martin.vavra@soc.cas.cz


This free of charge one-day workshop, organised by CESSDA ERIC, explores the potential of research data available in Europe. In the morning, a practical session on How to Find and Access data in Europe will introduce key data sources including CESSDA and European social science data archives and examine ways to identify and access good quality data for your research. The afternoon session will host expert talks on research, data and methods. Experts on nationalism, political attitudes and migration will provide researcher perspectives on important data in their areas of interest. The presentations will concentrate on data for comparative research and challenges in secondary data analysis.

The workshop is targeted towards students, early career and PhD researchers but is open to anyone interested in the themes and/or how to access data for secondary data analysis.


The morning session includes practical exercises that require participants to use computers with internet access. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops but there will be some laptops available on the day.


The CESSDA-ERIC provides six bursaries of up to €800 per person towards the travel and accommodation cost of attending this workshop in order to encourage wider participation from early-career researchers and PhD students to this event. We specifically want to encourage participants from the wider CESSDA network and those that will share knowledge gained back with the CESSDA community.

Download bursary application form and notes here.

Deadline for sending bursary application: 10.05.2018



Martin Vávra, martin.vavra@soc.cas.cz



9.45 Registration
10.00 Welcome and introduction
10.10 Session 1: How to Find and Access data in Europe (practical session)  Jen Buckley, UK Data Service and Martin Vavra, Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA)
11.30 Tea/coffee break
11.45 Session 1: continues
12.45 Lunch
1.45 Session 2: Accessing and using data on European attitudes and values (expert session)

Chair: Jindrich Krejci

Where to find and how to work with attitudinal data on immigration

 Yana Leontiyeva  (http://www.soc.cas.cz/en/lide/yana-leontiyeva) specialist in data on migrants and attitudes towards migrants

Finding and using data on political culture

Kristýna Bašná (http://www.soc.cas.cz/en/user/1653) expert in data on political culture and corruption

Survey data on nationalism and civic culture

Klára Plecitá (http://www.soc.cas.cz/en/user/109) researcher on nationalism and civic attitudes, Czech coordinator of European Social Survey and lead for ISSP National Identity Module

3.15 Q&A
3.45   Close