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The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) offers job opportunies in two positions - a Chief Technical Officer and a Senior Project Manager. The closing date for applications is 1st January 2016. More detailed information about the call are available here
The survey data collected shortly before the regional election in 2012 are now available via the Nesstar Online Archive. The data collection was initiated by the Czech Television and the data itself provided extra information for the television´s broadcasting. Apart usual pre-election issues the survey investigated also subjects specific to a particular country region.
German data archive GESIS made available the third version of the ISSP 2011 "Health and Health Care" dataset, includind data from 32 countries. Documentation and data can be found here and here.
The Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) wave 5 data were released on tuesday 31st March 2015. The panel data of wave 5 were collected in 2013. The survey collects information about 50+ citizens of twenty European countries including the Czech republic. Registered users can download the data here, others are invited to register to the database.
Latest issue of Data and Research – SDA Info, our peer-reviewed scholarly journal, has been released and is available here. All peer-reviewed articles have abstracts in english.  
The GESIS data archive made available the ISSP 2012 international data. Download the data and its documentation here.
In the Nesstar data catalogue new data from Public Opinion Research Center surveys are available (April and May 2014 surveys). In addition the data from the November 2014 survey about Czech-Slovak relationship is now available. All data are in Czech language.
The European parlament has reached an agreement on a major data protection legislative reform. For details click here.
Preliminary ISSP Data 2012 Family and Changing Gender Roles IV. have been released and are available via GESIS archive. Beta version of the data contains data from 24 countries, a complete documentation is not available yet.   For more information and data click here.